Do we really live for God?

Do we? 

So many times I tell myself I do. When situations get tough, I go to God. I go to God for joy because I know he put that joy in my life. The only thing, is that when something happens that I’m not happy with, I tend to lose sight of God and the life he wants me to live. To go out and share his love. I read an article about the Chuck E Cheese guy getting fired and he said the most inspirational thing and I’m going to share it on here because I think it’s a great wakeup call. It really questioned how much of my life I was living for God and how much of his love I show to people. Despite wanting to live a life where I’m CRAZY on fire for God….. I don’t think I do. I need to make more of an effort to be like this guy:


If being the voice of Chuck E. Cheese for any length of time has meant anything to me, it was never about a paycheck because God will always provide for His children in one way or another. No. What it was about, what my sincere hope is that you — you Fans, you parents, and all you kids who have loved Chuck E. Cheese over the years — have seen, heard, or experienced Jesus Christ in and through my life in some way.

—Duncan Brannan.


I just thought I’d share this because it was a great wakeup call for me and it also showed me that if I set my mind on God then I can become on fire for him like this guy is!!


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