success and failure

I’ve been learning a lot about success and failure lately. After a great eye opening day with girls that God put in my life to give me a wakeup call, I have been feeling much better. I now am not anxious about the pom squad (maybe a little) but I can cope with it and I know that it’s not the end of the world if I don’t make it. God still loves me and He wanted me take this leap of faith and I did, so I am proud of myself!

I’ve come so far from this time last year and it’s all because of Him. He’s teaching me to just trust in Him and everything will work out. Lately I’ve been going to the studio and doing something great that I haven’t been able to do and I know it’s because I’m not worrying and putting myself down anymore. I used to get so upset that I didn’t have a trick down, but now I realize that even a practice that is full of unperfect turns is still perfect! Getting out there is hard, but staying out there is harder! Sometimes in practice I get frustrated and want to walk away. I get better mentally and physically, though, when I stay and keep going. A bad practice is better than no practice at all. 

ps. tryouts are next saturday, in case anyone was wondering 😉